I’ve Made A Big Decision…

I’ve Made A Big Decision…

Those shoes are about to get upgraded.

On Monday I did a big thing… I entered the ballot to run the Virgin Money London Marathon.

I’ve never run a marathon before, heck I haven’t gone 5K without taking a couple of walk breaks but sometimes you need that kick up your backside. Entering the ballot isn’t a guaranteed entry to the run. October is when the ballot draw happens so I have to start my training before hand.

Being a complete novice I’m going to use the greatness of the App Store for my marathon training program. If you have a search for marathon training you’ll find a fantastic bundle for £19.99. The 5K to marathon progression pack from Bluefin Software is a complete training program for the year, 44 weeks to be exact, to get a couch potato ready for 26.2 miles.

Any tips for a complete novice marathon runner?

I’ve never done anything like this before. Years ago I was due to complete the Abu Dhabi triathlon and had to withdraw due to a really bad bout of Bronchitis just a week before the event. I wish I had kept with it and completed the next year.

Let me know if you’ve entered the ballot…

love as always,





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