Exercising… The Ugly Truth!!

Exercising… The Ugly Truth!!

Well done you! You’ve decided to improve your health. Your going to feel amazing as you drop the pounds and improve your fitness.

Does all this sound familiar? I thought so. I’ve read this time and time again from trainers, gyms, fitness professionals and Insta fitness stars. Of course starting to workout is going to improve your health (and hopefully lose a few stubborn inches) but there are a few things that they don’t tell you. I fully believe before you get into anything you know the full picture.

Please don’t use this info as a way to talk yourself out of a new lifestyle. Do the work! I’m just sharing some ‘side effects’ that I have experienced, laughed at and have now embraced as I become a #fitnessaddict.

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness)

This is sometimes mentioned but not fully warned of when you begin any exercise program. Take a minute to have a think… when was the last time you ran for a length of time, you did sit-ups or lifted heavy objects several times in the space of a few minutes. Coming up blank? All of your muscles are used to general day to day movements. You’ve decided to start making your muscles work harder which is going to make them change shape, stretch and sometimes tear (small tears that allow your muscles to grow). They are going to hurt! You are not going to be able to brush your hair, get dressed, or undressed, and you for sure will not be able to get on and off the toilet seat without using surrounding objects for stability.

The first 2 weeks of Crossfit were the toughest for me. Getting out of bed was a task and warming up for the next workout was excruciating. I did get past it though. Persevere, stretch and use tiger balm.


I hate this word. Acne. It took me years to figure out my skin and find the best products to keep my skin clear of blemishes and clean. Just a few days of working out and my entire body was breaking out. I’ll admit I got pimples on my butt and on my bra strap line.

My skin was just not used to sweat and so pimples erupted everywhere. It happens to us all. One trick I found was to use Head and shoulders as a body wash. The zinc in the shampoo helps clear out your pores and fight stubborn spots. Also try to shower as soon as you can after a workout.


Congratulations… your burning calories. Your body is going to want to put some back in. My first week of working out I was so hungry I could have eaten all day. My appetite was huge!

I hold my hands up! I did have a couple of carb fueled binges over the first two weeks. I wanted the bread and cheesy goodness. I then wondered why I hadn’t seen any progress with my measurements.

Yes you are going to be hungry. Yes you will have a deficit in calories consumed. Yes you will want to “reward” yourself for a job well done. Reward yourself with something non-food related and get organized with your meals.

I’ll be posting soon on how to meal prep for the week.


Finding the right clothing to workout in can make the difference between a good workout and a FML workout.

You need to invest in a good quality high support sport bar. I have rather large boobs and the girls need to be contained when Im working out. You don’t want it to feel like they are moving independently from your body. Ouch. The only way I can feel at all supported is if they are strapped to my chest by the tightest, comfiest sports bra. I buy Nike sports bras as they really do feel in place, even when Im doing the highest intensity cardio.

I’ve also taken a long time to find the right pants. You have to get the right size. I’ve had pants that fit me perfectly and I could workout in them with no issue but as I lost weight they constantly wanted to fall down. I’ve also been the opposite end of the spectrum. With pants that were too small I had the lovely feeling of the waist band folding under my tummy pouch. I only purchase pants now when I need to go down a size and have a small tie on the waist band.


My hair is my biggest issue nowadays. I work out 5 days of the week and after each workout I shower and wash my hair (I don’t want scalp acne). Pairing this with my cute messy bob that needs to be curled if I want to wear it down and I have found myself becoming a pony tail bunny.

I frequently think to myself ‘why should I style my hair when I’m just going to have to wash it later after I workout’. My style has gone seriously downhill.

If I had not had my head up my butt and exercised before I had my hair cut Im sure I would have been a bit more organized with my hair (braids, dry shampoo, bun drying for tousled curls). Im also sure I would have got into a routine with my shorter hair. Oh well…


Luckily I live only a short 5 minute walk from my work but I am there all day. That means I have to carry with me 2 snacks and a lunch, my 1.5 liter water bottle, workout clothes and everything I need for the day.

Get your bags organized before you go to sleep. Lay your gym kit out (you’ll be more likely to go), pack your work clothes and have your food ready to transfer to your lunch bag.

Embrace your new bag lady status!


This may be TMI but I did tell you I would give you the whole ugly truth. When you start to work out your body is not going to know what is going on and will go into survival mode. This means you are either going to throw up or poop. Luckily most of the time the latter will happen.

I’ve been 10 minutes in to a Metcon workout and needed to run to the bathroom. I’ve nearly fallen off a spin bike due to poop cramps. I’ve learned to go to the bathroom before a workout but you will still get caught out.


If you get through the first couple of weeks you are on your way to making your new lifestyle permanent. Yes you are going to feel like a pack horse, be so sore you fall onto a toilet and experience a second puberty due to acne.

Stick with it. If it was easy everyone would do it!

There is the ugly truth. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has gone through these woes when starting to workout. Is there anything you noticed happening when you decided to change your lifestyle?

Love as always,




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