All About Me – The Good, The Bad & The …

All About Me – The Good, The Bad & The …

It’s taken me a while to finally get around to this but here are 25 facts about me:

  1. My middle name is Rebecca
  2. I’ve travelled to Kenya, Gambia, Morocco, France, Jordan, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, The Canary Islands, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Oman, United Arab Emirates & the United States.
  3. I’m terrible with my own finances
  4. My favourite color is teal
  5. My on-screen crush is Jai Courtney
  6. I’m a major procrastinator
  7. I only learned how to do my make-up properly 3 years ago
  8. My absolute favourite animal is a binturong (they smell like popcorn)
  9. I own more pajamas than regular clothing
  10. I lived in Dubai for 2 years and Abu Dhabi for 4 years
  11. I hate living in hot climates
  12. My blogspirations are Victoria Mcgrath (IntheFrow) & Carly Rowena
  13. I’ve watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves more than 100 times
  14. My invisible friend as a child was Luke Skywalker
  15. I’m currently going through a divorce
  16. My favourite drink is Pinot Noir
  17. I can’t sleep if their is silence
  18. Christmas is my jam… I don’t just go a lil jolly. Cinnamon, tinsel, glitter, eggnog, carols, movies, nutmeg, advent, pajamas, parties, chocolate, roasts, cards, wrapping, gifting (you get the idea)
  19. I’m a cheese-aholic
  20. I always set at least 3 alarms for my morning wake-up
  21. I have 4 tattoos
  22. I’ve recently fallen in love with ice-hockey
  23. My favourite thing to do on a day off from work is to go for a long hike and eat scones
  24. Baths over showers any day
  25. I have a pet turtle called Winston Torthill

Is there anything else you would love to know? I would love to know about you…

Love as always,




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