How to Make a Meal Plan Work For You

How to Make a Meal Plan Work For You

Be honest with me ladies. How many of you have had a look at a meal plan in a book or online and been immediately put off. Sure the food sounds delicious but 1. you can’t afford all the ingredients and 2. you can’t just purchase half a fillet of catfish or 80grams of ground beef.

Time and time again I’ve been in this exact situation. Sure a couple of times I’ve given in and bought everything for the plan (with a lot going to waste) and I really didn’t enjoy the experience.

Let’s have a good look at this and figure out whats going on.

Meal plans are the golden halo within any fitness book. Abs are made in the kitchen after all. Therefore writers/authors/creators are tasked with creating a meal plan that caters for all, is something people will enjoy and gives a variety so you don’t end up going off plan and eating a family sized pizza, rinsed down with 2 litres of soda.

I’m going to let you in on a secret… you don’t have to follow the meal plan.

That’s right. Your meal plan (it really doesn’t matter which one) can be broken down and made far more simpler. Now I’m sure the creator of the menus have spent time and sleepless nights worrying about the content, it all looks scrummy, but they follow a set calorie content for each day (hopefully) so you can manipulate it to suit you.

You can repeat the same day throughout the week.

I’ve recently joined the badass babes of the Badass Body Diet by Christmas Abbott. Not only is she cool AF but she believes in fueling your body, lifting heavy and being whoever your meant to be (not a skinny size 8 rake of a woman). She’s all about that purt booty. I did find that her meal plan required alot of fiddly ingredients which just would not work for me.

What I’ve done to make it work for me is take 2 days and repeat them throughout the week. Best decision I have ever made. Not only is my grocery shop cheaper but I can meal prep the entire week. I’m on week 2 and I am loving it.

Below is the table I make in Numbers to get organized for the week. The different color is a different meal. It’s so ridiculously simple and you get to pick and chose what you have.

I can’t say enough how easy it is to make a meal plan work for you.

I’ve looked through so many different guides and it works for all of them. Do you have a meal plan that you follow that is just too complicated? Have you given this a try?

I would love to know what you think…

love as always,







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