About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog!!! My name is Amy Robinson and I’m a Senior Aquarist from the south of England. In other words by day you’ll find me working with a variety of aquatic animals. ¬†Outside of my working hours you’ll find me trying new recipes, burning calories in my home gym, trying to beat my best time or weight record for a workout or recovering with an at home pedicure or hair mask.

I’d like to think I have a pretty good perspective on my life and the direction it’s going. I’ve certainly learned a lot in the last few years and Im looking forward to what I learn in the coming future.


Some of my absolute favorite things are:

Christmas, crossfit, baking, fluffy slippers, lifting heavy, Pj sets, BBC Wildlife, pink, purple, clean and jerks, any kind of berries, fitness tracking, youtube vlogs, HIIT workouts, Nicholas Sparks, vlogmas, white wine, badass women, dried cranberries, Sir David Attenborough, snow, BBQ, camping, hiking, Indie Music, Cheese, Seals, Penguins, Pedicures, Journalling…